100 Nappy Hair Tales is a photographic collage and compilation of 'hair tales'. The women and men participating in this project graciously share their beauty, style and self-expression via images and through the narrative of their own personal 'Hair Tales'.  Images from this project will be on display at an upcoming show at Sacred Crowns.
To Prepare for your photo:
1. Keep it simple.
2. It's all about the hair.
3. We want you to be your natural beautiful self. So, go lightly on the makeup.
4. Speaking of being yourself, that's what will make the best photo. Just do you.
5. It's only a head shot, however...
6. Wear a solid color top. Earth tones (think brown, beige, khaki) work best. If you decide to wear color, choose a color that complements your hair. Keep the neckline simple. If you are comfortable with it, bare shoulders can work very well.
7. Preferably no necklaces. Don't want anything to take the focus away from your crowning glory.
To Prepare your Nappy Hair Tale:
1. Keep it simple.
2. Share just one tale.
3. It can be 1 sentence or it can be a short paragraph.
4. It speeds things up to have it typed or written before your photo-shoot. 
Here are a few suggestions:
1. Share a compliment you received.
2. Share a funny story about your hair.
3. What do like/dislike about your hair?
4. My hair...
5. Talk about your favorite style.
6. Products you like/dislike why?
7. Share one of your hair fantasies.
8. A great/bad hair day.
9. Share your favorite styling tip.
10. The best/worst hair advice you gave/received.