Don Mitchell(non-registered)
Debra, It was a pleasure meeting you at South's this afternoon. I am looking forward to picking your brain for professional tips and tricks of photography. I wish you my "Mid-West Best".
Bill Anderson(non-registered)
The beautiful essences and character of your photographs, are enhanced by your beautiful essence and character.
An absolute professional in her field. She helped educate our staff on a much more efficient workflow and got the photo work completed faster than anyone has done previously. Her diligence and knowledge should be commended. She was a pleasure to have in the office.

Staajabu Staajabu(non-registered)
Such a pleasure to meet you Debra! You captured the essence of our 17th annual sister's retreat beautifully. Your presence was warmly appreciated. Hope you had as much fun as we did. Thank you the slide show and photographs are awesome!
cynthia gatlin(non-registered)
I met you last week as a participant in the 100 Nappy Tales, I can't wait to see my picture added to the list. I loved the pictures you took. You got some serious skills my sista.

Cynthia Gatlin
One of Akilah's clients.
Sandra Evans(non-registered)
You really have an eye to be able to capture the very essence and of each individual uniqueness in a photo.
sherri sanders-scott(non-registered)
Been so far out of touch but I so filled with joy to see how you've made your amazing gift come alive. You are such an inspiration. Breathtaking, you and your gift are breathtaking.
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